Jim's Wildlife Removal

Professional licensed Wildlife Control.


Wildlife Control

Jim is dedicated to remove those nuisance animals from your property in the most humane, efficient way possible. Jim will assess each situation to determine the best action plan to meet your individual needs.


Jim works with Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Ground Hogs, Voles, Moles, Fox, Coyotes, Ferrel Cats, Opossum. Each animal and the location of the animal will determine the method of removing the nuisance.

Area of Work

Jim works in Palmyra, Hershey, Elisabethtown, Middletown, Hummelstown, Grantville, and Lebanon.

ground hog in live trap
Squirrel in live trap

Local Trouble Makers

Just a few of our local trouble makers. This is not an exhaustive list of local nuisance animals, and is not all the animals that Jim will take care of. Please call with any questions.



Skunks aren’t much of a threat, but ooh that odor! It’s the odor more than anything that puts them in our bad books. Beyond the smell the following are other behaviors that put them in our bad books.

  • Making living spaces under decks, sheds and porches.
  • Spraying pets.
  • Digging in the lawn.
  • Falling into basement window wells.

Removing Skunks

Removing skunks is pretty simple. You can trap them in a live trap and relocate them safely out of town where they won’t be a nuisance to anyone else. The challenge is moving them without being sprayed. For the most part skunks are not aggressive, but being trapped in tight conditions they will feel threatened raising the possibility of them spraying. There are traps out there that are covered, so they are recommended when trapping skunk. DO NOT Kill the skunk as almost certainly it will spray!

In the event you don’t want to attempt capturing a skunk, give Jim a call. He has moved many of them successfully.



Squirrels can make quite a nuisance of themselves. Their bad habits include things such as chewing on the patio furniture, chewing on the siding, chewing on outdoor wiring. For those of us who feed birds, they are a particular nuisance making short work of the bird food that we put out for them. They seem to make a challenge of getting to the feeders no matter what we try to stop them.

  • Eating the bird food.
  • Chewing on outdoor furniture, siding, wires...
  • Getting into the attic and making a home.

Removing Squirrels

The only effective way of removing squirrels is to trap them. If they are in your attic, you’ll need to block up all the ways they use to get in. You should also remove the method by which they gain access to your home if possible. For example trees growing up against the home offer an easy way for them to gain access to your roof. If they are in your attic you’ll need to get them all out or they will die there if their access points are blocked off.

Give Jim a call. He has moved many of them successfully.



Groundhogs otherwise known as woodchucks make a nuisance of themselves by digging. At residential locations they will dig under decks, sheds, and even the foundation of the home. They will eat the flowers and vegetable in the garden. On farms they will make a large burrow which can be dangerous to the famers on equipment. If a piece of equipment goes into the hole it can be broken or over turned.

Removing Groundhogs

Groundhogs can be trapped, but if you do trap them please do not release them near a farm because of the damage they do to the land and the amount of crop they will eat.